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Why Servicing Your Vehicle Can Save You Money

We’re very focused on bringing the local community of Thatcham and Newbury great value when it comes to your motoring. With this in mind, I thought it’d be a good idea to share some knowledge on the benefits of servicing your German vehicle and how this can save you both time and money.

The financial and safety benefits of a regularly serviced vehicle should not be underestimated. Done correctly, you’ll not only save money on vehicle ownership but you’ll avoid breakdowns into the bargain. Cash in your pocket, and not being stranded by the roadside. What’s not to like about that?

The RAC, help out more than 2.5 million drivers that have broken down by the roadside each year. Their data outline that a high number of these were caused by the owner neglecting to have routine maintenance performed.

Prevention is preferable to cure and this is where regular maintenance comes into its own. The right service on your vehicle will ensure that potential problems are identified before they become BIG problems. This has obvious cost benefits.

A great example of this is your brakes. Brake pad wear occurs naturally but it’s important to have these replaced prior to them reaching the end of their service life.

Delay their replacement too long and your pads will damage your brake discs. If this happens you could need new discs which can cost many hundreds of pounds on some vehicles.

It’s often forgotten that regular servicing will also reduce your fuel bill and, and that something as straight forward as an oil service can improve your Miles Per Gallon as well as increase the life of your engine.

Keep in mind that there a few items that you can do to keep the cost of motoring to a minimum. Checking your oil level as well as your tyre pressures weekly can make big difference in the long run.

This isn’t the case for all of the maintenance required on your vehicle. Modern cars are feats of engineering, this means that many elements of car service require a trained technician, with the right information and tooling to complete repairs effectively and safely.

Maintenance attempts by your average motorist can lead to a more expensive repair if the vehicle and its systems are not fully understood.

Franchised Dealership vs Quality Independent Garage

Who should you select to service your car or van? There are a whole host of reasons why choosing a quality independent to service your vehicle is preferable to selecting a franchised dealer.

You’ll save money if you pick the right independent and not have to compromise on quality.

The scale of a franchised dealer means the business running costs can much higher than that of an independent. This naturally filters through to their labour rate.

One recent survey found that franchised dealers’ quotes can be as much as 18% higher than those provided by independent garages.

The are other reasons as well as the cost-benefit though. You’ll often receive a more personal service from an independent, this leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is normally central to everything an independent does as they rely on word of mouth marketing to keep their clients coming back.

But…. does an independent have the necessary skill set to repair your car?

This very much depends on the independent. Ideally, you’ll be looking for a specialist and one that has invested in the tooling and information specifically for your make and model. Also, the business should attend regular training to ensure they are up to speed with the technology on your vehicle and certified where required.

In many cases, you’ll also have the benefit of being able to speak the technician that worked on your car should you want to know what’s going on under your bonnet.

One last thing… it’s probably worth outlining that there are additional financial benefits to having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis.

You’ll obviously want to make sure your car retains its value at the point you sell it. A good way to do this is to ensure you have a full service history. Not only does this demonstrate to a prospective buyer that you’ve cared for the vehicle, but it will set your car apart from other similar vehicles without this.

So there you go. Servicing your car just makes sense, but which independent should you choose?

We’re obviously a little biased. Here’s the thing though….

We understand the German brands we care for to a very high level, specialising gives us an edge. Combine that with the fact that we have the UK Top Technician of the Year on our team and you can rest assured to receive great workmanship.

So if you live in and around Thatcham and Newbury then Fergies is the obvious choice.

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