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Does the Type of Tyre I Choose Really Matter?

At Fergies our focus is on keeping you safe whilst offering great value. We are asked a lot of motoring questions, a common one of those being “which tyres should I buy for my car?”

The range of tyres that Fergies can offer is extensive so we thought it would be a good idea to let you know our thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not.

When it’s time to choose new tyres, there is a lot you can choose from. Of course, the biggest difference between them is the price. You’ll have what are referred to as budget tyres and premium tyres. Essentially, budget tyres are just what they sound like. They are usually more affordable and by brands you may not have heard about before. On the other hand, premium tyres have a higher price tag and this is going to be by big names in the business, such as Continental and Michelin.

Some people really care about the type of tyres they have. This is often car enthusiasts. But if you’re an everyday driver going to work and on the school run, you may be wondering whether the type of tyres you have really matter.

The best tyres for you are going to depend on your needs and budget. But at Fergies, there is a clear winner in our minds. Let’s have a look at budget and premium tyres to see what the best option is for you.

Standards and Safety

It doesn’t matter what brand they are, all tyres have to be safety checked and tested. So, when we talk about safety, we don’t mean that one is going to be unsafe. We’re really talking about stopping distance and braking, especially in bad weather. This is when you could see a big difference between budget and premium tyres.

A lot of comparative testing has revealed that premium tyres take less time to stop in rain and snow than budget tyres. This could mean they are safer when road conditions are poor.

Lifespan and Durability

When you don’t know much about car tyres, it’s easy to just choose the cheapest option. That’s why a lot of people automatically choose budget tyres. But these are not always the best when it comes to durability. You want tyres that are going to last a long time before they need to be replaced and it’s premium tyres that are going to last longer. So, while you pay out more money to start with, they enjoy a longer lifespan. If you drive a lot of miles every day, you’ll definitely notice the difference. This is due to the high-quality materials and compounds that are used.

For some people, budget tyres will be fine. If you don’t drive very often and only jump in the car once a week, then budget tyres are going to do the job. You probably won’t notice much of a difference if you chose premium tyres other than the price tag. But if you drive a lot, they could actually cost you more in the long run since you have to replace them more frequently.

Fuel Efficiency and Gasoline Savings

Will budget tyres or premium tyres make a difference to your spending on petrol? The answer is yes, according to industry experts. It’s been found that premium tyres could actually save you money when it comes to gasoline. This is due to the quality materials that are used to create the tyres, as well as the low rolling resistance. This means that you’ve got to pay out more initially for the big brands but when it comes down to maintenance and upkeep in the petrol station, you may actually spend less.

Yes – The Type of Tyres You Choose Matters

To answer the question, yes; the type of tyres you choose really does matter. Based on safety, durability fuel efficiency, premium tyres are going to be a good investment and the better option. Budget tyres will still be a good choice for those that live somewhere with good weather all year round and that don’t drive very often. But if you’re someone that drives a lot and experiences all the seasons of British weather then premium tyres are going to be the one for your car. The big brands are going to be a good investment and last longer out on the road, as well as let you enjoy savings when it comes to fuel. This is what every driver wants to hear.

Don’t forget that the way you drive is important too. If you drive responsibility in bad weather and obey the speed limits, your tyres are going to last longer. This rule applies to budget and premium tyres. So, no matter what tyres you end up choosing, be sure to be safe at all times and know that the way you drive has a direct effect on your tyres over time.

We’re keen to help you make the right tyre choice for your vehicle. So if you’re looking for the right mix of durability, performance and value then give our team at Fergies a call today.

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