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Don’t let your Mercedes-Benz faulty gears grind you down! 

It’s nothing new to encounter problems when owning and operating a motor vehicle. It happens to the best of cars, including Mercedes-Benz. 

One issue that may grind your gears is an issue with your grinding gears! When your Mercedes has such issues, they can be dangerous and should be corrected immediately. 

We know how beautiful your Mercedes looks on the outside, but the inside can sometimes tell a different story. If issues are left unsolved, they can build up, and then you may be faced with a bigger bill and in the worst case scenario a vehicle going on the scrap heap!  Whatever the case, once you encounter an error with your Mercedes-Benz, you should book in for a diagnosis. 

Diagnosing the problem

Mr Fry has brought his Mercedes S Class 2012 to our experts here at Fergies as he had an issue with clunky gear changes when changing down through the gears. The main problem was that the gear change was rough and didn’t accelerate or decelerate smoothly.

We had learnt through checking the Digital Service History (Mercedes DSB) that the car had never had the gearbox serviced, and the car had done over 100,000 miles!

Let’s fix the problem!

It was essential to start by completing a full service on the automatic transmission to diagnose the issue. We also removed and replaced the sump oil pan filter and all related seals and then replaced the oil drained so far. 

The next step was to carry out an automatic transmission mega flush service using 15 litres of the correct grade gearbox oil. The best way to do this was to replace the old oil with the new oil with the vehicle running, as this will change 99.9% of the oil in the gearbox oil and will make a massive difference to how the car drives.



Finally, we reset the adaption values, and we checked and carried out a transmission software update. We also set the gearbox oil level correct at 45 deg C before taking the car for a test drive. The Mercedes was now like a different car! The drive was smooth, and the gear change issue was no longer evident.

We value our customers

We do care about our customers here at Fergies. That is why our expert Mercedes technician Ben was able to diagnose the issue quickly and fix it immediately to an extremely high standard. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to save our customers on cost whilst still providing exceptional work. 

Instead of performing unnecessary repairs, we identified the exact cause of the gearbox problem. Using our expertise, we diagnosed the issue, completed a mega flush using an automatic gearbox flushing machine, and were aided by the Mercedes Xentry online. Our decision to provide a thorough assessment of the fault saved Mr Fry both time and money.

Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Fix: In conclusion

Although the issue, in this case, was with the gearbox, you should always be wary of other problems cropping up at any time. 

When it comes to your car, we always advise against allowing issues to build up, although, as in this case, issues can go undiagnosed; these are the common warning signs to look out for. 

  1. Check engine warning light.
  2. Look out for signs of your Mercedes jerking and shaking.
  3. Listen out for unusual noises.
  4. Use your sense of smell for foul odours.
  5. Check for excessive smoke.
  6. Check for oil puddles.

These are just guidelines; if you have any of the issues above, get in touch! We have a team of certified Mercedes experts ready to get you back on the road in no time.

Call us now and we would be more than happy to offer advice or book you in for an assessment to save you money and find the cause of your issue.

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