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“It Definitely Won’t Fail The MOT”

It’s that time of year again and your car is due its MOT.  You have owned the car for 2 years and are confident that it won’t fail the MOT.  You have checked it over and all looks good… but how trained are you to know what’s good or bad in terms of an MOT?

This is what happened with a client of ours, when he brought his 2016 Audi RS3 to us.  He was adamant that it would pass the MOT with flying colours, confident in his ability to diagnose any problems with a careful eye.

The Audi RS3 was booked in for its MOT and don’t get us wrong, it looked immaculate.  It was a high performance vehicle and you could tell it was well looked after and loved.  But during the MOT process, one of our expert Audi technicians noticed something that would fail its MOT.

The MOT was a failure due to a bulge in the wall of the passenger front tyre.  This is an immediate failure as the safety of the vehicle is compromised and potentially dangerous.  Just imagine being on the motorway driving your Audi RS3 when you experience a blow out in one of your tyres?  Are you confident you could control that power and speed, and not injury anybody or yourself in the process?  It is why the MOT is mandatory and why it’s best left to the experts.

The Audi RS3 is listed as the world’s most powerful 5-cylinder series engine (courtesy of Audi) and a car with that much power under the bonnet needs a good set of tyres on the road.  Tyres are what creates the grip keeping the vehicle on the road and able to create the torque it needs to stay on the road and offer the driver control.  So a good set of tyres are priceless and potentially life-saving.

The Fix It Part

After the client’s initial upset that the RS3 had failed its MOT, he advised that he would like Michelin PS4 tyres fitted as he understands the need for quality when it comes to your wheels.  We agree that these are great tyres, and it is one of the reasons we keep these tyres in stock at Fergies.

Priding ourselves on giving the client that best possible service, we carried out a professional 4 wheel alignment after we fitted the new tyre.  We fitted the new tyre, valve and balance, making sure the car was ready to be back on the road as soon as possible.

Fitting large, low profile wheels can be tricky work, so using the best fitting equipment on the market is a given.  We need to make sure the tyres are fitted onto the expensive wheels, without damage.  This takes the latest technology but just as important is a safe and steady pair of hands.

Why Fergies?

When you buy an Audi RS3, it is clear that you enjoy luxury and performance and therefore you would like the confidence and reassurance that when you arrange your MOT, your Audi will be cared for.

At Fergie’s, we offer a competitive tyre price, which is something you don’t always get a main dealers.  Also our expert Audi technicians set the wheel alignment and complete the final checks with full consideration of performance, drive quality but also safety.  Making sure there are no driving issues when the car leaves our garage.

So if you are in the Thatcham or Newbury area and need to book your MOT, choose Fergie’s.  We are German vehicle specialists and we will take your car like it is one of our own.  We take great pride in our service and we’re proud to hold the UK Top Technician of the Year award.

Please contact us on 01635 226332 and one of our expert Audi technicians will be happy to answer any of your queries or get your car booked in for an assessment or MOT as soon as possible.

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