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Timing is Key

When you take your car to the garage for a specific fix, you are not wrong in expecting the problem to actually be fixed.  Not half the job for all the cost.  This applies to main dealer and family run garages alike.

This was the situation with Mr Stayner of Newbury.  He had taken his 2015 VW Golf GTE to another garage to have his cambelt replaced, after the Engine Management Light came on.  Having taken his VW to the garage on a number of occasions before for servicing, he had just expected a standard of service and expertise – unfortunately that was not the case.

After a Google search for local VW specialist garages, the client found us and called immediately to book in for a diagnostic appointment.  Once the VW arrived at our site and we heard the client’s experience with another garage, we knew we needed to find out more about what was happening.

The short history of a VW Golf GTE

The client told us that ever since picking up his VW Golf, he couldn’t get the car to start easily, and if it did start “it wasn’t running right”.  Mr Staymer said that the VW had been to the previous garage various times over the years, so when he had to replace the cambelt, they were the obvious choice.  But when we asked for more details, the client couldn’t tell us anything else about the work completed at the garage.

So we started the appointment with checking the work that had been completed, and carried out a data download which gave us an error code reading.  

The VW Error code which presented was:

  • P0016 – Camshaft/Crankshaft position.

Well, that’s not great.  So now we have to start from the beginning, hoping to re-trace the other garage’s steps without finding too much damage.

It’s why you choose Fergies

Knowing the cambelt had been replaced, our VW technicians explained to the client that a special tool needed to be used to correct the timing.  The client advised he wasn’t sure if this had been done and gave us the authority to contact the other garage directly.

In a brief conversation with the garage, we asked what tools they have used on the VW Golf cambelt replacement, as the car had now been brought to us with an issue and we need to get it fixed.  Unfortunately the staff at the garage didn’t know anything about it, which gave us our starting point in fixing this VW engine.  The very beginning.

Given that the garage knew nothing about it, this told us to check the timings.  Our hypothesis was that the timing was out, so we locked the crankshaft in place and checked the timing using our micro-fine adjustment tool, a VAS611007.  Using the VW recommended approach,  we carried out a manual timing check and measured a 30-degrees shift from the camshafts.

A bigger job than we thought, because this not only meant that the cam timing was out but the whole mechanical timing needed resetting.  With the visual inspection completed, we knew the next steps.

VW technicians and hybrid mechanics

The first thing the technicians did with the VW Golf GTE was remove the replaced belt.  Once we were back to basics, we could re-time the engine and get started on the re-build.  

Replacing the VW stretch bolts, after noticing these had not been changed previously, meant we could re-fit the Cambelt and crank shafts properly.  This complicated but essential part of the process meant that we were then happy with the mechanical timing of the VW engine.

Able to sign off each step along the way, we now used the VAS611007 tool to set the cam timing.  Our expert VW technicians were able to set the correct engine timing along with the trickier camshaft timing.  Meaning that the VW Golf was working properly and back on the road, making Mr Stayner an extremely happy client.

Having completed the complex work that we did, we prevented further engine damage from occurring.  If the fix hadn’t been completed, the VW would have more than likely needed a full engine rebuild costing the client unnecessary expense and headache.

Need our help?

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If you have any questions about your VW, or would like to book in for a diagnostic appointment, please contact us where one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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