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At Fergies, our expert team of BMW technicians are here to keep you safe and your car in prime condition. Our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind, and we will treat your car like our own. 

We are known for our 15 steps diagnostic process, making us prolific in diagnosing and fixing the most complex BMW errors. It’s why we have the UK’s previous ‘Top Technician’ winner on our team!

When Mr Wells brought his BMW X6 to us after seeing the car warning lights appear on the dashboard of his vehicle, we knew what to do. The issue was that the Engine Management Light had come on, along with a warning for the AdBlue system.

The AdBlue system is essential to reduce harmful exhaust emissions within your diesel vehicle. The system works by injecting a fine mist of the AdBlue solution into the exhaust system to start a chemical reaction. This also ensures that your car emissions keep to legal standards.

This can be a costly fix in repairs and would likely cause a failed MOT if you have a faulty AdBlue system.

BMW Engine Management Light

Our first port of call when the BMW X6 arrived was to understand why the warning lights had appeared. So, we used our reliable 15 steps diagnostic process – a system we have developed at Fergies – which helps us diagnose the root cause of motor issues. 

Step 1 of 15 in this process is to understand any error codes and possible software issues. The error codes present on the BMW X6 were:

  • 26F500 – SCR System efficiency too low
  • 2AC600 – SCR System efficiency too low – Poor AdBlue quality detected.


Once we had confirmed the error codes, our team knew that their attention should be on the AdBlue system.

BMW Engine Management Light

Firstly, we checked the level of AdBlue available within the system. The levels met the system requirements, so we moved on to the quality of the AdBlue solution available. This all came back fine, so we decided to dig deeper.

After a visual inspection under the bonnet of the BMW X6, we checked underneath the car, and there was no visible issue in either location. It was clear that the car was well looked after.

Next, we removed the AdBlue System injector to check the spray pattern to ensure this was functioning correctly. We began spraying the AdBlue solution to start the chain reaction, and the injector was working perfectly. So, after reconstructing the system, we moved on to SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) testing.

For those of you who are interested, the SCR helps to reduce harmful emissions from your vehicle and which therefore provides environmental benefits. So this is an all-around good thing to have working properly.

Whilst carrying out all the relevant SCR tests on this BMW X6, we noticed a fault with the catalyst temperature sensor. The sensor appeared to drop in and out regularly, giving a false temperature reading. The temperature readings from this sensor ensure that the system operates within the correct parameters for efficient conversion of the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and is needed to meet the NOx efficiency legal limits.

It was now clear what the fault was, and our team of experts knew what to do. 


Now that we have diagnosed the fault with the temperature sensor, our team began fixing the error. We started by removing the catalyst temperature sensor and replaced it with a new one. We then made sure that we re-ran the SCR system testing to re-check for the previous fault.

BMW Engine Management Light

Testing showed that there were now no faults and that everything was working correctly. We then confirmed this by doing an extended road test.

Once everything was confirmed ok, we reset the software, which of course, turned off the warning lights displayed on the dashboard of the BMW X6.

Finally, we handed the car back to the client in working order. 


Our number one priority at Fergies is road safety. We use our expertise to resolve the most challenging BMW faults, general maintenance and BMW servicing. 

We are unique with our own specialised diagnostic process that ensures we always get to the root of any problem. We also consider the whole vehicle when identifying potential issues that others may overlook.

We know how important your car can be to help you navigate everyday life, so when Mr Wells brought his BMW X6 to us, we were able to offer him a free courtesy car allowing him to stay mobile with minimising disruption to his days. 

In addition, our 15-step process means that we never guess when it comes to fixing any issues. We do not swap out parts and hope that fixes the problem, and we only replace or repair components when it’s necessary to do so. 

In Mr Wells’ case, we pinpointed the fault down to the temperature sensor. Due to the accuracy of our diagnosis, we saved the client time and money on this expensive system.

Here at Fergies, we will never put a price on safety. We offer a complete diagnosis of the vehicle, offering reassurance and value for money. Our BMW expert technicians are trained to cover all parts of vehicle maintenance and servicing. Our team are always happy to answer any questions our clients may have about their car.

If you have any issues with your BMW, maybe a lack of performance or efficiency, or you have warning lights showing, please give us a call on 01635 778002. We will ensure you are back on the road safely and cost-effectively.

Take care of your BMW just like Mr Wells did and book now with a member of the Fergies team.

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