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BMW air suspension system


Whether it’s pneumatic, hydraulic or air, the suspension system on your car is designed to give you and your passengers the smoothest ride possible from your vehicle. Air suspension is found mainly on heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses, but it is also popular on large passenger cars, including 4×4’s, like Mr L’s BMW X5.

Mr L, a BMW X5 driver from Newbury noticed a problem with his rear air suspension system when he would come out of his house in the mornings, ready for work, and the rear end of the X5 was almost on the ground.

The client brought the X5 to our team of expert BMW Service Technicians at Fergies because of our reputation as German Vehicle Specialists. At Fergies BMW Garage, we work hard to diagnose and understand your vehicle before completing any work thoroughly.  We want our clients to receive that first time fix every time. Following our 15 step process and with only using genuine parts for all our BMW repairs and servicing, we maintain the integrity of your vehicle. Just as the manufacturer intended.

Mr L advised that he had taken the BMW X5 to another garage and had them replace the air compressor for his air suspension system. Unfortunately, this didn’t solve the client’s problem. His self-diagnosis had left the client out of pocket for a costly air compressor, and he still had a faulty air suspension system.

Explaining the benefits of our diagnostic evaluation process meant that the client finally decided that this was the way forward to get to the root cause of his problem.


We wanted to get the diagnosis right for the client, get the BMW back on the road and allow the client to enjoy the premium ride he has come to expect from the BMW brand.  

Our BMW specialists needed to carry out a complete system check. The system check didn’t provide any fault codes, and with the system that was still able to raise and lower the vehicle, we needed to dig deeper into possible causes. Our expert technicians completed a full global fault code scan using our BMW specialist equipment, but this revealed no fault codes again.

So with no fault codes recorded, we went back to the suspension system itself to complete a full system leak test.  With the help of leak detection spray, we confirmed that both rear suspension airbags were leaking.  The driver-side airbag was the worst, but both were still leaking, and these leaks would be causing the BMW to lose pressure overnight.  We had found the problem, and then having explained our findings to Mr L, we went on to complete the remedial work needed to get the client back on the road.


When the client came to Fergies German Vehicle Specialist, he advised us that he had already been to another garage and had them replace the air compressor for his suspension system. 

And even though the work was carried out on the client’s self-diagnosis, replacing the compressor is still an expensive business.

Had the client come to Fergies in the first instance and taken advantage of our 15 step diagnostic analysis, our BMW specialists could have saved the client the time, money and headache of unnecessary repairs.

Having found leaks within both rear air suspension airbags, we were able to replace the airbags with genuine BMW parts and return the vehicle to the client within 24 hours.  

A fully operational air suspension system is key to the enjoyment of your vehicle, and the fix was instantly noticeable within the drive quality of the BMW X5.  Mr L was happy with the results and that we had been able to resolve the problem and confirm that there were no other underlying issues with the BMW because of our complete diagnostic process.

Our team of expert BMW specialist technicians means that your vehicle will always receive the premium BMW service it deserves. Our care and dedication to clients have awarded us the title of UK Top Garage 2021 and the reputation as the place to go for all your BMW Service and Repair needs.

If you are having issues with your BMW, or your BMW service is due, contact Fergies – your local BMW garage and let one of our team help you today.

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