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VW Golf R Re-tuning



If you are a car enthusiast, you will know and appreciate the benefits of tuning your vehicle for enhanced performance.  The precision needed to get that extra power, the condition of your engine and the turbo system.  Making sure everything is working as it should be all the time.

This isn’t for everybody, and most vehicles don’t require testing and re-tuning, but nearly all car manufacturers have the enhanced version of a model, which is designed to give that little bit more.  And with Volkswagen, it’s the Golf R range.  

The VW Golf R offers a quicker 0 to 60mph, a higher top speed, and more torque than the standard Golf model.  So why wouldn’t you want to make sure this piece of exquisite engineering is cared for as it should be?

That’s precisely why our client, Wayne, brought his VW Golf R to Fergie’s VW Specialists.  He had no issue with the VW Golf, but he wanted the car to be re-tuned by a company that takes the time to make sure they get the most out of the vehicle.

VW Golf R Re-tuning

Here at Fergies, we are German Vehicle Specialists, and we are also now an official dealer for RacingLine.  RacingLine provides performance parts and software to keep high-performance cars delivering their best.  Wayne was already a big fan of RacingLine, so it was a bonus for him to have our expertise as a VW Garage and an official RacingLine stockist.


Wayne explained that he wanted to have the engine controller and transmission controller re-tuned. We explained that before we completed any re-tuning, we would need to complete some safety checks. Our VW specialist technicians carried out a complete engine health check. 

The engine health check ensures that the engine and turbo system are in suitable condition to complete the re-tune safely.  Without the engine being in tip-top condition, the re-tune could potentially cause damage to the VW.

But we don’t stop there!

When a car is brought to Fergie’s VW garage for a VW service or repair, we complete our thorough safety evaluation process to check for faults and errors which have the potential to be overlooked.  With a re-tune, we follow the same thorough evaluation process to make sure the car is in the best possible condition to receive the upgrades.  We carry out a full global fault code scan to make sure there are no underlying issues with temperatures, emissions and software within the VW Golf.  

The VW Golf was in excellent condition, as you would expect from someone as passionate about performance as Wayne is.  Our team then completed a full visual inspection of the car, including checks on the brakes, suspension and tyres.

We also complete a road test of the vehicle to make sure that all temperatures are within their limits and check that the turbo system is fully operational.  An inlet system smoke leak test is completed, as well as a physical check of the turboshaft.  After all of this is completed and satisfied with the results, we move on to tune the vehicle.


Using RacingLine products and software, we make sure we give Wayne and his VW Golf R the best possible results from his re-tune.  We fit the VW with a new RacingLine hardware, R600 intake system, RacingLine inlet elbow and a turbo muffler delete.  All of these are designed to give enhanced performance to the VW Golf R engine.

We then carried out an OEM+ stage one ECU, and TCU controller calibration ensuring the vehicle software is fit for purpose.  There are always changes in technology, and keeping on top of your performance car means that you need to have the latest software available.

We finished with completing a rolling road test to prove that the VW Golf had gained an increase in performance and power.  We were then able to hand the car back to Wayne, and our VW specialists confirmed the re-tune was successful and the increase in performance and power is there for him to enjoy.

VW Golf R Re-tuning

Wayne knows the importance of re-tuning performance vehicles.  Bringing the car to the next level of performance and making sure our client receives the best from their cars, all the time.

If you have a performance vehicle and would like to know more about our services, or even to book in for your VW Service, contact our team today, and we will be more than happy to help.

Here at Fergies, we pride ourselves on making specialist car care available to everyone. Call us today.

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