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Mercedes E200 Faults Fixed

Diagnosing and correcting Mercedes-Benz error codes!

It’s part and parcel of owning a car that sometimes you will face issues or faults with the vehicle. Even the best car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz sometimes face problems. 

When it comes to owning a Mercedes-Benz, you have a recognisable name that is certainly easy on the eye. With that said, the beauty seen on the outside can mask issues on the inside. But be rest assured, our team of Mercedes experts are available to fix any problems with your vehicle. 

Whether you have just discovered the first signs of an issue with your Mercedes, or you have ignored/weren’t aware there was a problem (which is more common than you think!), it’s now time to fix the issue immediately. Whatever the case, once you encounter a warning light on your dashboard, you should book your Mercedes in for an evaluation with our experts. Afterall, these warning lights were designed by Mercedes to keep you driving safely on the road, so should not be ignored.

Mercedes E200 Faults Fixed

Diagnosing the problem

When we received a call from Mr McCall regarding his Mercedes E Class 2010, our team of Mercedes technicians were more than happy to help.

The engine management light had appeared on Mr McCall’s Mercedes and he was experiencing a loss of power. At this stage, the customer was unaware of an additional issue with the possible air conditioning unit.

At Fergie’s, our experts understand Mercedes-Benz vehicles’ mechanical and electrical elements, which allows us to quickly and accurately pinpoint underlying issues. With the aid of the manufacturer-specific wiring diagrams and technical service bulletin information, our expert technician diagnosed the issues and began fixing the Mercedes E Class 2010. 

Fixing the problem!

We began by pulling the fault codes and then carrying out a road test to verify the faults and check the air conditioning operation to confirm the problem. The faults we discovered were:

  • Mercedes Fault Code P244A00 – Differential Pressure in the Particulate Filter Too Low

In simple terms, this is a fault with the Engine Control Module (ECM), which controls the ingredients that go into making sure your car works. The ECM monitors the sensors around the vehicle to make sure the vehicle operates normally.

  • Mercedes Fault Code B107A15 – Short to Ground / Positive on Refrigerant Pressure Sensor

In basic terms, this is an issue with the AC pressure. Sometimes, you may notice problems such as not blowing cold air, the AC system is turning on and off, or the compressor is not running. However, the problem happens when the system has very low or very high pressure.

After scanning the codes to establish the area of concern, we then measured the backpressure in the exhaust to verify that it was acceptable at idle and 2000rpm.

However, when comparing the readings to the sensor, we found no issues with this. But, we didn’t stop there… following a check of the wiring, we discovered that the ECU was dropping out when manipulating the wiring of the Mercedes. To fix this issue, we replaced the sensor and repaired the wiring using the genuine Mercedes repair kit.

We fixed the AC issue by testing the pressure sensor for the air conditioning, which showed that the wiring was OK, but the sensor failed the test. Of course, we knew what to do! That’s what years of experience and having the UK’s Top Technician allows us to do! We simply dipped into our expertise and replaced the AC sensor, thus fixing the error.

Fault codes only ever provide a rough guide as to where the issue is on the vehicle. The art of fixing the underlying issue is in applying mechanical and electrical knowledge and having a proven 15-step diagnostic process. There’s a reason why we have award-winning team members, and it’s because we know our stuff, and our expertise can not be rivalled. We are proud of our knowledge when it comes to fixing all Mercedes car faults.

Professional service guaranteed

We value our customers at Fergies, which is why our technician wanted to go above and beyond for Mr McCall. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to save our customers money while providing exceptional work.

Our customers’ safety is our absolute priority. We never cut corners. We don’t guess. We don’t fit new parts in ‘the hope’ it’ll do the job. Because of this we were able to save Mr McCall a lot of time and money on his Mercedes E Class 2010. He also received our 5* Fergie’s service (just check out our Google Reviews to see what our customers think). 

Great service and great value. That is just what we do!

Mercedes-Benz Fault Codes: In conclusion

If you own a Mercedes-Benz any year, any model, and you are experiencing issues, get in touch now!

When it comes to your car, you should always avoid letting issues build up. However, these are the common warning signs to look out for if you are experiencing problems:

  1. Check engine warning light.
  2. Look out for signs of your Mercedes jerking and shaking.
  3. Listen out for unusual noises.
  4. Use your sense of smell for strange or unusual odours.
  5. Check for excessive smoke.
  6. Check for oil puddles.

If you have any of the issues above, get in touch today! We have a team of Mercedes experts ready to get your motor back on the road.

Bring your Mercedes to us if you want to save money and time. Contact us on 01635 778002, and we will be more than happy to offer advice or book you in.

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