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Mercedes Newbury

It’s no secret that we at Fergie’s are experts when it comes to German vehicles, so it’s nice to be recognised for the hard work we do, and that is why we are honoured to win the Aftermarket Magazine’s Top Garage Award 2021.

Receiving an award from such a prestigious magazine within the motor industry, is testament to the hardwork and dedication that the whole Fergie’s team have made in going above and beyond for our customers and each other. 

Fergie’s have a history of winning awards

In 2002, Aftermarket Magazine launched the Top Technician award, a competition inviting technicians from all around the UK to compete against each other. The competition receives hundreds of entries from around the UK, and those who take part must complete both online and practical rounds to win the coveted title. Shaun, Fergie’s owner and one of the technicians here at Fergie’s, won the Top UK Technician award in 2019! 

In 2018 Aftermarket launched the Top Garage award. The award is judged on customer service, team skills/development, marketing and business strategy, and a panel of judges decide who wins the award. We’re proud that Fergie’s received this award in 2021 – our first time entering the competition!

We are incredibly proud to have won both Top Technician and Top Garage Awards and look forward to defending our Top Garage title next year!

Fergie’s: How we got here

Fergie’s was born on 18th February 2019. Since then, the company has evolved quickly in a short period of time due to the outstanding work of the team and the expert knowledge we have between us to provide phenomenal service to every customer that enters our garage.

The owners, Shaun & Nakita, started with the desire to want to do things differently here at Fergies:

  1. Better for CustomersWhilst customer safety is Fergie’s absolute priority Shaun & Nakita wanted to differentiate their garage business by delivering a great customer experience and great communication with their clients – something that the judges also recognised. The whole Fergie’s team know that it’s the little touches that make a big difference; regardless of whether it’s Tom in Front of House, Jason, Matt & Zack in the workshop or Ryan the valeter.
  2. Better for our CommunityShaun, Nakita and their family are proud to live and work in Thatcham/Newbury and it was important for them to give something back to the local community. That’s why Fergies are proud to support Newbury Soup Kitchen. It’s also the reason why Fergie’s run free “Road Trip Ready” events which teach Thatcham and Newbury drivers how to undertake basic car maintenance e.g. checking and changing tyre pressure.
  3. Better for Staff – After all they are the backbone of our business! The whole team (the Fergies Family) shares a deep passion for German vehicles and doing the right thing for our customers – we love what we do. This passion drives us to do the best for our customers. Whatever the fix, our expertise means we get the job done! It’s worth also mentioning that all our technicians are offered a chance to join a MasterTech Development Programme to ensure our team are the most knowledgeable and have the expertise to solve any issues with your German motor.

So, let’s introduce you to our Fergie’s family.

Meet the fantastic Fergie’s team!

  • Shaun – Owner and Top Tech winner. All round great technician. Mr Sunshine – he’s always happy & positive. Cut him in half and he’d have a picture of a German car inside. Doesn’t have a fear of heights, just has a ‘common sense of gravity.’ 
  • Nakita – Owner & Front of House Manager. The glue that keeps the Fergie’s Front of House and Workshop teams working like a well oiled German engine. Starbucks No. 1 Customer since being on maternity leave but looking forward to being back in 2022 and helping Fergie’s fantastic customers.
  • Jason – Senior Technician & Assistant Manager. Started working at Fergie’s when it first opened. His team members describe him as “our Volkswagen loving Grinch 365 days a year”.
  • Matt – Vehicle Technician. He will pay well over the odds for the Pokémon Charizard Card.
  • Zack – Vehicle Technician. Busy Tuesdays at 6.30 pm paying his barber for a chat as his hair never looks any different.
  • Tom – Front of House Coordinator. The friendly face of Fergies. Rumour has it that he got the job because his hair matches the Fergies logo.
  • Ryan – Valet & Quality Control. Taking our valet service to a whole new ‘Fergie’s Level’. His team commented that “he may be a great valeter, but he’ll always be a below average fisherman!”

Top garage award winners…

We won this award due to our team’s hard work, focus on customer service and the dedication of our expert technicians. 

We stand out from the rest when it comes to service, cost and customer satisfaction; our reviews don’t lie! Since the start of Fergie’s, our mission has been to provide a service that wows each and every customer that walks through our doors. The team we have put together is more like a family, and we are proud that we have developed this bond which shows to our customers and reflects in the great work we do. 

Our expertise allows us to find any issue you have with your German vehicle – just check out the case studies that we share to educate our customers about the faults you may face when owning a German car and how we can help.

Aftermarket Magazine’s Top Garage Award (2021): Conclusion

We are thrilled to win this award. It means a lot to everyone here at Fergie’s. Don’t get us wrong, we will celebrate, but we will not sit back and think the work is done. Our mission is to always strive for excellence, and that is why we will continue to expand our knowledge to ensure we always provide the best service available.

Thank you to Aftermarket Magazine for the award and the other garages, which also won awards and the runners up! We can not thank you enough, and if we all keep at the rate we are going, the industry will continue to thrive. Finally, thank you to our customers, we are grateful for working with you all, and we look forward to continuing our great work together.

You can call us on 01635 778002, and we can get you booked in! Our expert technicians will be more than happy to assist you and solve any problems with your German motor vehicle.

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