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BMW Specialist

BMW Specialist

Fergies – independent BMW specialist

BMW Specialist

We know it’s important to have a BMW expert working on your vehicle. That’s why Fergies BMW specialists offer expert servicing, repairs, and MOT for all manual, automatic, electric, and hybrid BMW models. 

We love BMW and we’re fully equipped with the latest tooling and industry-grade technology to provide you with a premium BMW service, at local garage prices. Our technicians are trained in BMW manufacture protocol to give you the greatest servicing results. We also have access to high-quality, genuine parts to ensure your BMW is maintained in mint condition. No job is too complex for our expert garage.

As the current UK Top Technician of the Year, we’re dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive experience. We’re here to help you every step of the way and save you lots of money compared to the local BMW dealer. Our approach to customer and vehicle care makes us the leading independent BMW specialist. Our clients rate us higher than the BMW local dealer – we have over 150 5* reviews from our loyal customers. 

At Fergies BMW specialists, you enjoy all the benefits of a dealer plus an expert, personalised service at better value. What more could you want?


BMW Specialist

Mr M saved 48% (£299) with Fergie’s!!

Mr M was delighted with the service he and his BMW 6 Series received at Fergie’s.

Our specialists love looking after BMWs – German engineering at its best. We therefore take great care to maintain BMWs at their peak performance. That means our BMW experts always follow the recommended dealer guidance.

For Mr M’s BMW 635 Sport we undertook:

  • BMW CBS Service
  • Engine oil change
  • Pollen filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Reset CBS service light & update digital service book

Mr M saved 48% with Fergie’s compared to BMW dealer prices!

Fergies' Saving
£299 (-48%)
Fergies BMW Specialists - BMW on ramp
Newbury Garage Brakes

2 months ago via Google

...I was determined to find a trustworthy and reliable independent garage rather than taking it to a BMW dealership. I stumbled upon Fergies when doing my research and the reviews set them apart. Shaun promptly provided me with a quote and provided me with a list of what would be included. Fergies managed to beat BMW dealership prices! The service was second to none when I took the car in and I felt that it was in safe hands ! The complimentary wash and hoover was a good touch too. Having worked through lockdown and having no chance to wash it I really appreciated that! My 1 series is running as good as new! I would definitely recommend Fergies and I will be back in the future !

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bmw specialist service

BMW Service

A routine service from Fergies BMW specialist is a sure-fire way to maintain your car at peak performance. By finding and repairing faults early, you reduce the risk of repeat repairs and breakdown, improve fuel efficiency, and guarantee the longevity of your BMW.

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bmw specialist repair & maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

We use only genuine BMW parts to repair and replace components in your vehicle, ensuring our repairs are always of the highest quality. We also guarantee our parts and labour for 12 months, which is just in time for your next service. Call today to book. 

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bmw specialist mot


A bespoke MOT from Fergies BMW specialist is designed in line with manufacture protocol to review all components for maximum safety. We inspect your vehicle in accordance with DVSA standards to guarantee roadworthiness.

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Whilst BMW offers a great range of premium cars, like all modern tech, these machines do need assistance from time to time. Some of the most commons issues we handle include:


DPF issues – the Diesel Particulate Filter removes harmful chemicals from fuel emissions. When it fails, soot mixes with oil and becomes abrasive, which can be costly. Got dark smoke coming from your exhaust? Let Fergies BMW specialist take a look.


Crank Pulley issues – the crankshaft pulley keeps your engine’s cambelt running, which is important for optimum performance. If you notice your engine shaking or turning over irregularly, let us know.


Timing Problem – in modern models, this is often a computer software problem. If you hear ticking or knocking in your car, or notice unburnt fuel leaking from the exhaust, come to Fergies BMW specialist for an inspection.


Oil Level / Burning Oil – when your oil level becomes too low, problems start in the engine which are costly to fix. If you have blue smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, or black oil puddles under your car, get in touch with us as soon as possible.


EGR Valves – burning fuel like no tomorrow? Seeing reduced performance? It could be that your EGR valve is blocked with soot or carbon. Let us take a look for a swift fix.


EGR Coolers – this component helps cool fumes and reduce emissions in your exhaust. When it’s faulty, you may notice exhaust leaks or your engine overheating. Be sure to book in right away with Fergies, your local BMW specialist.


Swirl Flap issues – aimed at improving fuel efficiency, this component can really do some damage if it fails and parts get stuck in the engine or the cylinders. If you hear whooshing noises when you accelerate, let us know.


Manifolds melting – designed for optimum performance and to prevent your engine overheating, sadly this component is prone to melting. If you can smell exhaust odour or notice reduced performance, book in with us straight away.


Carbon build up – this occurs in the engine and can lead to drivability problems, such as an inability to start your car, your car jerking or surging, or engine vibration or shaking. If you experience any of these problems, contact us straight away.


HP pump issues – High-Pressure fuel pumps are designed to inject fuel into the engine quickly and efficiently. When they fail, your car may come to a stop or you may be unable to start it at all. If your engine won’t start, give us a call.


Thermostat issues – when the thermostat fails, your engine overheats and wreaks havoc on your radiator and coolant. If your notice coolant leaking from under the car or poor engine performance, bring your vehicle to Fergies BMW specialist for a full assessment.

Fergies German Vehicle Specialist

We have lots of information on our site about helping other BMW owners.

However, don’t hesitate to contact us with your query.

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Keeping You Informed

We’re dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive, personalised service tailored to your needs. We’re here to help you get the most out of your BMW and keep you safe on the roads. With our expert servicing and repairs, we always guarantee a first-time fix and a smoother, more efficient drive. That’s why our customers love us and our Google review rating is better than the local BMW dealer.

At Fergies BMW specialist, we have an ethos of transparency. When you bring your car for any repairs, service, or MOT, we keep you informed every step of the way. What’s more, you’ll never be subjected to hidden fees or work you didn’t agree to, and you never have to pay upfront. Choose Fergies for a friendly, trustworthy service. 

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Take advantage of our out of hours drop off and collection service when you need it most.

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Fergies BMW specialist is conveniently located – there is no need to travel into the centre of Reading or Newbury.

Support local business and feel the benefits – save time and money by choosing Fergies for your BMW garage.

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