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Your battery is a critical component and essential for correct operation of all vehicle systems.

The battery is an integral part of the vehicles energy management system. If you think it may be at fault, it’s essential that this system is checked for errors.

Our award-winning technicians have the necessary tooling and skills to accurately diagnose these systems, guaranteeing you a first-time fix and great value.

Should you require a new battery, then you’re in the right place. We keep a large stock allowing you the right mix of performance and value.

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Battery Testing

There are hundreds of reason your battery could be flat.

We’ll test it to make sure it requires replacing, or if it’s a symptom of another fault on your car.

Battery Charging

Don’t replace your battery unnecessarily.

We always want to give you great value, which is why we’ll charge your battery rather than replace it where possible.


Battery Fitting

There’s more to fitting a battery than first meets the eye.

A new battery often requires programming to your car. We have the equipment and skill to carry this out effortlessly.

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