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Diagnostic Evaluation

Do you have a fault light on? Electrical or diagnostic issue?

At Fergie’s, we specialise in vehicle diagnosis and are very fortunate to have Shaun Miller, winner of the UK Top Technician of the year award heading up our technical team in the workshop.

Accurate diagnosis is a specialist technical skillset. It’s a combination of the right information, professional tooling, knowledgable and dedicated technicians.

Fergies has these which means that your car is in safe hands. We’ll diagnose your vehicle in a timely manner, and get to the fix the first time.

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What is a diagnostic evaluation?


Diagnosis starts with client consultation. We’ll gather relevant information about your vehicle.


We’ll take a look at the vehicle with you to ensure our understanding of the fault is in line with yours.


Using only the best equipment, we’ll interrogate all systems for permanent and sporadic faults.


Technical bulletins are consulted. This often outlines known faults for your model, as well as software updates.


System data will be analysed. Once anomalies are found we’ll identify the tests required to confirm the cause.


Technical information is consulted so that a test plan can be constructed. Wiring diagrams are often used at this point.


Tests will now be performed in a logical order. We’ll use serial data tools, oscilloscopes, and gauges to find the root cause of your fault.


Finally, we’ll document our initial findings and call you with our analysis and recommendations.

Don't you just plug a computer in?

Using computers is an essential part of our evaluation (point 3) and some faults can be found here.

A single fault code though can have many causes which are why tests (point 7) are essential to finding the exact reason.

Testing is a critical part of the process and ensures your vehicle is fixed the first time at the lowest possible cost.

How much does an evaluation cost?

Every fault is different so the final cost depends on the type and number of defects on your vehicle.

Our initial evaluation costs £95 inc VAT and typically includes points one through eight.

Should the number of tests needed exceed the initial evaluation, then we’ll call with our recommendations.

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