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Mercedes Service

Mercedes Service

Award-winning technicians. 

If you’re looking for the best Mercedes servicing in Berkshire, Fergies in Newbury is for you. Award-winning, German vehicle specialists with a passion for Mercedes; you’re guaranteed the absolute best treatment for your car.

Mercedes Service Newbury

You’ll always enjoy a service that’s tailored to your unique vehicle at Fergies. We don’t treat every vehicle as standard. We’re too passionate, and we’ve been in the game too long, to do that.

Premium parts. Easy to get to. Convenient out-of-hours drop off. You’ll discover everything your Mercedes needs. And, as a result, you have peace of mind that your vehicle is running at peak performance, that it’s safe and sound, and still has a nice, healthy warranty.

Our team of Mercedes experts are second to none. For you, that’s assurity you’re in the safest hands. For us, it means every person leaves Fergies happy in the knowledge their vehicle has had the best service.

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Specialist Mercedes Servicing

Why Fergies In Newbury For Your Mercedes?

Because you want the best service at the best price, and without the hassle of a long journey to get there. There are no better reasons than those. It means zero stress or hassle. And, because all our team are German vehicle specialists, you’ll have a car that’s running like new.

Unlike many garages, we’re fully kitted out with brand-specific tooling, information and knowledge. And, our own Mercedes genius. That’s something to shout about!

And, do you really want to travel all the way to Mercedes-Benz of Reading or Mercedes-Benz of Basingstoke to experience truly specialist care for your vehicle? We’re ideally located in Newbury, making us super convenient if you’re strapped for time.

BMW Service at Fergies

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How do I know when my Mercedes needs a service?

Your vehicle has a predefined service schedule set out by Mercedes. This is tracked by the Mercedes ASSYST system on your vehicle.

It makes knowing when your Mercedes needs a service really easy. As your vehicle reports you need a service, an indicator message will pop up in the instrument cluster. That’ll tell you what service you require (Service A, Service B, etc) too.

If you don’t know anything about your Mercedes service history, that’s fine. Our team of experts will happily advise the best course for your vehicle.

Then, once we’re done, we’ll update your service record, keeping your warranty happy and the resale value of your car at a peak.

How do I know when my Mercedes service Thatcham is due?

Why service your Mercedes?


Keeping You Safe: The key reason to regularly service your Mercedes is to catch little niggles before they evolve into something dangerous. By ensuring your car has been serviced, you’re keeping you and your family safe.


Peak Performance: A long, reliable life. That’s what you want from your car, right? One that isn’t filled with costly repair bills. Well, regular servicing gives you that.


Don’t Get Caught Out: If you want to reduce unseen issues, which cause breakdowns at the worst times, and you want the best chance at passing your MOT with flying colours, regular servicing of your Mercedes is a must.


You Save A Lot: Having a freshly serviced engine, and quality tyres, keeps your mpg at an optimum state. And, that means you save your money on a daily basis. It’s pretty handy for not letting small issues become big expensive ones too.

What happens during a Newbury Mercedes service?

After the miles you put your car through, a thorough examination is needed. And, that’s exactly what we do. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is checked extensively. Of course, if we need to change any parts, we’ll get in touch to discuss it with you first. Rest assured, we only use premium parts.

Everything is undertaken by our award-winning technicians, who follow the specific service schedule set by Mercedes to cover the lifetime of your vehicle. You can sit back and relax, knowing your vehicle is with the experts.

Below is an example of the areas covered:

BMWServicing Thatcham

Your Mercedes Service Checklist


Lighting & Visibility – Your front and rear lighting is rigorously checked for optimal performance, as is your glass, wipers, exterior mirrors and registration plates. We leave nothing to chance.


Under Bonnet – A full under bonnet inspection ensures no leaks and everything is working order. If necessary, we’ll replace service items such as your air filter, oil filter, sparks plugs or drive belts.


Under Vehicle  – After your under trays are removed, the engine oil is drained and transmission checked for leaks.


Steering, Drive & Suspension – All joints, gaiters and wheel bearings are extensively inspected, as well as your front and rear shock absorbers and road springs.


Braking – The importance of perfect brakes isn’t a secret. That’s why both front and rear brake components are checked and measured, allowing us to accurately report on their service life. Brakes save lives.


Vehicle Interior – Your interior is as important as your exterior. So, all seat belts, horn, hazard lighting and vehicle controls are inspected. We’ll also check for any warning messages, and ensure the driver displays are correct.


Tyre Inspection  – Your wheel health is vital. All road wheels and tyres are inspected for any issues and pressures adjusted prior to refitting. We’ll even check your spare wheel or inflation kit.


Final Checks  – We’ll finish up with your brake fluid and antifreeze test, before filling your engine with new oil. Then, your Audi is road tested and online service record updated. And, that’s it. You’re ready to roll.

Keeping you in the loop

Forget hidden or unexpected costs. That’s not us. Everything we do is honest and transparent.

Our promise to you is that you’ll know everything we do. After all, if we do the right job for the best price, you’ll come back next time. It’s a win-win for both. And, you’ll only ever get advice with your vehicles safety and peak performance in mind. 

Once your Mercedes service is set-up, we’ll complete an initial inspection of your car, which is very thorough. Then, if anything needs replacing or tweaking, we’ll call you up to discuss with you. This way you’re in absolute control.

You’ll be back on the road, in a car you can trust, in no time.

Out Of Hours Drop-off

Need to drop off your car out of hours? That’s fine! We have a handy collection and drop-off service here in Newbury.

save money

How Much Will It Cost?

All Mercedes needs servicing. So, our Mercedes services cover all requirements and budgets. Great value – guaranteed.

Flexible payment

Finance Options Available

You can spread the cost of your service or any repair work over our flexible payment plans.

Our Courtesy Car Options

If you need a courtesy car while your Mercedes is being serviced, our fleet of free courtesy cars will keep you rolling. No problem. That’s another weight off your mind.

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