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Amazing value and great performance were exactly what Ryan (the proud owner of this Audi RS3) was looking for when searching for new tyres for his Audi. The interesting point though is that Ryan didn’t even know he needed a tyre when booking in his vehicle for its annual MOT Test!

Ryan had owned this corker of a car since 2018 and like many Audi RS owners meticulously cared for his vehicle by regularly buffing and polishing her to a high gloss finish.

It’s only with this level of care that an owner comes to know the minute details of his ride, which is why Ryan was so confident the vehicle would sail through the MOT. But… was he right?


In short… no.

Whist Ryan knew his car like the back of his hand, that’s no substitute for the keen eye of a well-trained Audi specialist technician. It’s the attention to detail and the care we give to your car that separates us from a normal garage. And, in this instance spotting the bulge in this Audi tyre has caught a catastrophe waiting to happen.

It just goes to show why regular inspections are essential in keeping you safe on the road and that’s even more important when it comes to high-performance Audi RS tyres.

Which is why all Newbury Audi drivers can book a FREE safety inspection. Just give us a call and we’ll get you booked in. Anyway… back to Ryans tyres.

Which Audi Tyre To Choose???

We treat every Audi we care for as if it were our own, it’s why Ryan uses us rather than a fast fit centre. Ryan knows how confusing selecting the right tyre can be and trusts our judgement to give him great advice and value for money. It’s just so much easier than scouring the internet.

In this case, the decision was easy. As performance Audi drivers ourselves it was a straight-forward choice to pick Michelin Pilot Sport 4’s. They offer a great mix of dry weather performance and great stopping capability when the weathers inclement. Not only that but they’re fitted by all the major performance manufacturers and if they’re good enough for Enzo Ferrari then who are we to argue.

We particularly like the built-in rim protector which could even save your alloys from those annoying kerb scrapes when parking.

Like I said if you’re after an Audi Tyre then the Michelin Pilot 4’s are a great choice!

Tyre Performance & Longevity

When it comes to your Audi tyres we want to protect your investment ensuring your RS performs as it should. It’s for this reason that all Newbury Audi drivers buying tyres from Fergies receive a FREE geometry evaluation. That’s full wheel alignment in case you weren’t sure 😉

It’s an amazing offer (normally priced at £80+Vat) and the only way to ensure your vehicle handles the way Audi intended after new tyres have been fitted.

Not having this checked could mean your new Audi tyres wear prematurely and cost you more in the long run. That’s the last thing we want which is why we offer this essential check for FREE!

Audi Specialists That Care

So what’s the moral of the story?

Regardless of how well you know your car, it’s worthwhile having it checked out by our Audi specialist technicians regularly. After all, if Ryan’s MOT had been due a few weeks later then who knows how that bulge would have developed and that drama it could have caused.

At Fergies, our whole team care about your Audi and your safety as much as you do. It’s the reason we’ll always offer Audi drivers a FREE safety inspection ensuring your cars in tip-top condition.

So if you need an Audi Specialist or our help with new Audi Tyres then just give us a call we’re here to help.

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