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Need a local Newbury garage for your vehicle repairs and servicing? MOT due and you need a quick fix? Then you’ve come to the right place!

As a car owner, the need for repairs and servicing usually arrives around the time your MOT is due – making the whole situation expensive and stressful. And sometimes, we fall victim to what feels like never-ending problems and repeat repairs.

What if you could avoid unnecessary repairs and pass your MOT first time? That’s where we come in.

Fergies is the best garage in Newbury for servicing and repairs on all manual, electric, and hybrid vehicles. And we can prove it: we’re winners of the UK Top Technician of the Year 2018. Our regular service maintains your car to its highest standard – making it safer and more reliable to drive. Don’t let your car let you down!

We boast an excellent parts range, so we can tackle any repair quickly and efficiently. And, we offer MOT rates at unbeatable prices. We’re also specialists in car servicing near Newbury for German brands.


Mercedes Service Mercedes estate in front of Fergies logo
Volkswagen Servicing at Fergies BMW Service at Fergies


Sleek, modern, and classy, this luxury car brand deserves only the best garage in Newbury. Our team provides a complete, high-end Mercedes service which is unbeatable in quality and value.

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Whether you’ve got a classic VW or a newer model, Fergies Newbury garage is on hand to help. Our specialist technicians are equipped with the skills and expertise to repair all models with accuracy and precision. 

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Known for its performance and agility, a high-spec BMW deserves a high-quality service. Look no further than Fergies garage Newbury for a bespoke BMW service.

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Audi is the leader in new automotive technology – and we have industry-grade diagnostics and modern facilities to keep pace with the newest approaches to car repairs in Newbury.

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MOT Newbury

For a swift MOT service, look no further than Fergies. We inspect all parts of your car for roadworthiness (in line with legal requirements set by the DVSA), which includes an emissions test.

After the assessment, we notify you of any repairs required to pass – and those which help maintain peak condition. However, we never complete any works without your approval. Book in with Fergies Newbury garage today.

Servicing Thatcham & Newbury

Servicing Newbury

Servicing your car is the ultimate way to avoid the fuss brought by repeat repairs.

That’s because a reliable car repair garage will always provide an efficient service – one which guarantees a first-time fix, and ensures the lifespan of your car.

Need a quote? Contact us today on 01635 778002 for an estimate.

Newbury Garage Tyres

Tyres & Alignment Newbury

Noticing uneven tyre wear? Does your car pull to one side while you drive? Then you likely have an alignment problem.

Wheel alignment should make all four tyres meet the road in unison, to form a bond between you and the road surface. When they don’t work together, this causes steering problems and damage to the tyres – reducing your fuel efficiency and increasing your risk of an accident. Don’t delay – book in for an assessment with our expert technicians.

Newbury Garage Diagnostics

Diagnostics Newbury

Is something in your car not quite right? Are you struggling to figure out the problem? No sweat – we can!

You may not realise, but inside your car there’s a whole world of computer software, helping the different systems work together.

We can tap into these networks with our diagnostics to seek out the problem quickly, and fix it straight away.

Newbury Garage Clutches & Gearbox

Clutches & Gearbox Newbury

Missing a gear isn’t always a bad driver habit – it’s often gearbox or clutch issues. Hear crunching, whirring, or feel shaking when you change gears?

That’s your clutch getting a bit too close for comfort with other components.

These will soon wear down if the issue isn’t fixed. Our technicians assess the damage to make sure you only pay for the work required. 

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If you’re looking for a garage in Newbury then contact us today to discuss your vehicle repair and maintenance requirements.

Newbury Garage Brakes

Brakes Newbury

Did you know that brake faults account for nearly one quarter of all car accidents?

That’s a worrying figure. But with our help, it’s no longer a concern.

We make sure your brakes can withstand a sharp stop to avoid hazards on the road.

Newbury Garage Lighting

Lighting Newbury

When a bulb blows, it’s an easy fix. But when your headlights, brake lights, or indicators fail, it’s caused by a deeper problem.

This might be a short circuit, or something more severe like corrosion. Our technicians seek out the problem without a fuss. With our service, we keep you lit!

Newbury Garage Batteries

Batteries Newbury

Does your car run out of juice, and you don’t know why?

It could be battery issues, or an underlying fault in the wiring.

Come to Fergies garage near Newbury today, and we’ll find that fault.

Newbury Garage Air Con

Air Con Newbury

You’re boiling, the car’s boiling, and your aircon is blowing… hot air? The A/C is a pretty complex system: it relies on refrigerant to cool your car (stopping parts overheating), and the electrics to heat it (for things like defogging your windows).

When you book our air con service near Newbury, we ensure the refrigerant is topped up, and check the air con components aren’t impacting other parts of your car.

Newbury Garage Exhausts

Exhaust Newbury

The last part of your car you might consider would cause an issue, the exhaust isn’t just an outlet for fumes.

When your exhaust is faulty, you’re at risk of limited acceleration and increased emissions – and if your emissions are high, you won’t pass your MOT.

When you book with Fergies for car servicing near Newbury, we make sure yours is to standard.

Newbury Garage DPF

DPF Newbury

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) collects the soot created when diesel burns in the engine.

When it’s faulty, it can’t prevent harmful particles escaping into the atmosphere – stopping you passing the emissions part of your MOT.

With our car repairs and service in Newbury, we’re sure to make the filter good as new. 

Car Repair at Fergies Thatcham Newbury

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Flexible payment

Flexible payment plans

We understand that repair bills often create financial difficulty, but we have a payment plan to suit your needs. Enquire with the team today.

Out of hours drop off

Can’t reach us during opening hours? No problem, we offer out of hours drop off and collection to suit your schedule.

A free courtesy car

While your vehicle is in for a fix, we provide a courtesy car, free of charge. Simply let the team know if you have any specific requirements.

Where to find us

We’re just a short 15 minutes drive from Newbury town centre, right next to the Ice Sport Centre. Our full address is:

4, Pipers Court,
Berkshire Drive,
Berkshire, RG19 4ER

To find us:

  • Head West out of Newbury on the A4, continue on the A4 until reaching Thatham
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Pipers Way
  • Continue to follow Pipers Way
  • Fergies German Vehicle Specialist is located on the left just before the Ice Sports Centre
Newbury Garage

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Contact us today to discuss your vehicle repair and maintenance requirements.