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Volkswagen Service Newbury

You’ll only ever receive a VW service that’s tailored to your car at Fergies in Newbury. We believe every car is unique, so we ensure our services are specific to your vehicle. You deserve better than a one size fits all service.

And, we’ll do everything for an affordable price. A great service, completed service history and a warranty that stays healthy… Just what you’re after.

Get in touch now to keep your VW running at its best.


VW Service Newbury

Why Fergies In Newbury For Your Volkswagen?

Do you really want to travel to Marshall Volkswagen Reading, Marshall Volkswagen Newbury or Windrush Volkswagen to get premium, specialist care? Especially, when you don’t need to.

Our independent garage, located conveniently in Newbury, Berkshire, makes getting your Volkswagen serviced quick and easy.

Using our own VW genius, advanced equipment and an award-winning team, it’s clear why Fergies is the go-to place for VW servicing in the area. And, at incredible value.

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Does my VW need a service?

Potentially. Here’s what to look out for:

My Volkswagen is over 3 years old and I drive less than 10,000 miles a year
That means your VW is stopping/starting a lot, which isn’t great for its components. If this sounds like your situation, your vehicle will need to be serviced every 12 months or 9,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

My Volkswagen is under 3 years and I drive more than 10,000 miles a year
So, you do more long-distance driving? That’s great for your Volkswagen. If this is your car, it needs servicing every 10,000 miles or two years, whichever is first.

I’m still unsure when my Volkswagen needs servicing?
That’s fine. Lots of people are unsure when their car needs servicing. So, get in touch and bring your VW to us. We’ll let you know when it needs servicing and ensure everything is running as it should be.

VW Servicing Newbury - does my car need a service

The key reasons to service your Volkswagen


Safety: Every year thousands of avoidable accidents are caused by cars that haven’t been serviced. Don’t let this happen to your VW.


No Surprises: No more failed MOTs. No more early morning breakdowns. A regular VW servicing promises you won’t be hit with any hidden surprises.


Peak Performance: Keeping your VW in great shape is important. After all, you spent good money buying it. Regular servicing keeps everything running smooth and promotes longevity.


Save Money: If you love saving money, servicing your VW is vital. Not only will you avoid more expensive repairs in the future, but you’ll improve your mpg by keeping your engine and tyres in great shape.

What happens during a Newbury Volkswagen service?

We work by the book. In fact, our talented, award-winning technicians follow the exact same service schedule as the Volkswagen dealerships do, to guarantee your warranty stays intact. Everything is thoroughly checked.

So, what’s the difference? Nothing. Our services are exactly the same as the dealerships. But, ours are much more affordable.

And, we only ever use top-quality parts to make sure your car is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Your Volkswagen Service Checklist


Lighting & Visibility – Your front and rear lighting is rigorously checked for optimal performance, as is your glass, wipers, exterior mirrors and registration plates. We leave nothing to chance.


Under Bonnet – A full under bonnet inspection ensures no leaks and everything is working order. If necessary, we’ll replace service items such as your air filter, oil filter, spark plugs or drive belts.


Vehicle Interior – Your interior is as important as your exterior. So, all seat belts, horn, hazard lighting and vehicle controls are inspected. We’ll also check for any warning messages, and ensure the driver displays are correct. This includes analysing your vehicle computers for intermittent or permanent faults.


Braking – The importance of perfect brakes isn’t a secret. That’s why both front and rear brake components are checked and measured, allowing us to accurately report on their service life. Brakes save lives.


Steering, Drive & Suspension – All joints, gaiters and wheel bearings are extensively inspected, as well as your front and rear shock absorbers and road springs.


Under Vehicle – After your under trays are removed, the engine oil is drained and transmission checked for leaks.


Tyre Inspection – Your tyre health is vital. All road wheels and tyres are inspected for any issues, then pressures adjusted prior to refitting. We’ll even check your spare wheel or inflation kit.


Final Checks – We’ll finish up with your brake fluid and antifreeze test, before filling your engine with new oil. Then, your VW is road tested and online service record updated. You’re ready to roll.

We'll keep you informed...

As a family-run business, we work to the principles of honesty. That means you’ll never be hit with hidden costs. Ever. That’s our promise to you. Every we know you will too. 

Once you’ve booked your Volkswagen service with us, we’ll complete an initial inspection of your car, then get in touch to discuss any potential repairs.

Out Of Hours Drop-off

If you’re in Newbury and can’t get your vehicle to us, don’t worry. Our free out of hours collection service will collect and drop off your vehicle for you.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Our Volkswagen services cover all requirements and budgets. Regardless of your requirements, we guarantee great value.

Flexible payment

Finance Options Available

Spread the cost of your service or any repair work over our flexible payment plans.

Our Courtesy Car Options

We’ve got a great fleet of free courtesy cars if your vehicle needs to stay with us.

So, you don’t have to worry about rearranging your schedule.

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