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VW Specialist

VW Specialist

Fergies: independent VW specialist.

VW Specialist

When you want a job done right, we know it’s important to have a VW expert working on your vehicle. At Fergies VW specialists, we’re VW experts and enthusiasts, offering an award-winning service at amazing prices.

As VW specialists, we’re fully equipped with the best tools and expertise to handle all repairs, no matter how complex. A first-time fix is our guarantee, and you save lots of money compared with the VW local dealer. 

We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive service and support you every step of the way. That’s why our clients love us. In fact, they rate us higher than the VW local dealer – check out our impressive 5* reviews on Google.

At Fergies VW specialists, you enjoy all the benefits of a dealer, but with a friendly, personalised service and better value. What’s not to love?


VW Specialist

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VW Specialist

VW Service

Our bespoke VW service follows manufacturing protocol to inspect your vehicle with the utmost care and attention. We ensure all components are maintained to standard and prevent repeat repairs by fixing hidden faults.

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VW Specialist

VW Repair & Maintenance

When you bring your VW to Fergies VW specialist, we use only genuine parts to deliver the best possible results. No cutting corners, no knock-offs. Contact us today to find out more or to discuss your repairs. We’re here to help.

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Our specialist VW MOT follows a strict set of procedures in line with DVSA guidelines to determine your vehicle’s roadworthiness. We’re happy to combine your annual service and MOT to guarantee a first-time pass. Enquire with the team today.

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Some common issues we see with VW


EGR Issues – burning fuel like no tomorrow? Seeing reduced performance? It could be that your EGR valve is blocked with soot or carbon, or the coolers are faulty. Let us take a look for a swift fix.


Injector problems – required to provide fuel into the engine, there’s a common problem with leaking or blowing injectors. This causes carbon build up on the engine and can cause severe damage if left unrepaired. If you notice reduced performance or problems accelerating, book in with us immediately.


Drivetrain noises – hearing whirring or whining? Are your gears slipping? It could be a drivetrain fault. Bring your car to Fergies VW specialist for a speedy, expert repair.


Door Lock issues – on newer models, this could be a software problem. But on older models, it could be as simple as a blown fuse or faulty wire. Let us take a look to get to the bottom of the issue.


HP Pump failure – High-Pressure fuel pumps are designed to inject fuel into the engine quickly and efficiently. When they fail, your car may come to a stop or you may be unable to start it at all. If your engine won’t start, give us a call.


Timing issues – in modern models, this is often a computer software problem. If you hear ticking or knocking in your car, or notice unburnt fuel leaking from the exhaust, come to Fergies VW specialist for an inspection.


Adblue problems – Adblue is responsible for maintaining your vehicle’s engine. Oftentimes, faults such as Adblue warnings and an inability to start the engine arise. If you’re having problems getting started, give us a call.


DPF issues – the Diesel Particulate Filter removes harmful chemicals from fuel emissions. When it fails, soot mixes with oil and becomes abrasive, which can be costly. Got dark smoke coming from your exhaust? Let Fergies VW specialist take a look.

VW Specialist

Looking for more information on our specialist VW services?

All information is on our website, but you can always reach out to us directly for tailored advice.

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Keeping You Informed

Our customers love us because we service every VW that comes to our garage like it’s our own. We want you to be safe on the roads and satisfied with our work. At Fergies, we always go the extra mile to care for you and your car. That’s why our Google review rating is better than the local VW dealer. 

We’re a trusted garage with a great reputation because we have an ethos of transparency and trust. We keep you informed every step of the way to make sure you’re up to speed with what your VW needs and why. You’ll never be subjected to any hidden fees or work you didn’t agree to. Let Fergies VW specialist take the stress out of servicing.

Out of hours

Busy schedule? We understand. We provide out of hours drop off and collection on request.

Flexible payment

Spread the cost of repairs

Looking to budget? Spread the cost with our 0% service plans, tailored to you.

Free courtesy car

Need to stay on the road? Take advantage of a free courtesy car.

We’re conveniently located

Why travel into Reading or Newbury when you have a VW specialist on your doorstep?

Supporting local business is a no-brainer: save time and money by choosing Fergies for your VW garage.

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